On 10/1/2009 Corrupt management at Ourstage disabled the WinterBand page!


Update 10/26/2009 - We found a Google cache of screenshots of the WinterBand fan page.  See for yourself what Ourstage is claiming that violates their TOS  Click here! 

In an unprecedented act of religious censorship, corruption and incompetence, Ourstage (an AOL affiliated music site) has censored the WinterBand page on behalf of a handful of mostly false-christian detractors who didn't like the truth that they saw published there. 

Whether you love us or hate us this should give you serious cause to distrust Ourstage.

Some others are getting disgusted with Ourstage for unrelated corruption situations see http://www.ourstage.com/profile/celticsunshine

Here is an interesting blog about Ourstage http://passivepromotion.com/final-thoughts-on-ourstage#comments

Please spread the word about www.ourstage.ws

Speaking of censorship, the unprofessional bumblers running www.helium.com have censored every article about the corruption on Ourstage.  Click here to see some of the emails that they sent with the content of the original posted article.

Another site New Release Tuesday is worthy of your deepest contempt for censoring my article about the corruption on Ourstage.  They are a false-christian site that also censors Bible messages that don't fit their cult beliefs.

It is one thing for one group not to like another group.  It is also not at all surprising that the false-christian community would not like WinterBand and our material because of the Bible doctrines that do so embarrass and shame them.  We make no apologies for teaching the real doctrine of the Bible. BUT THIS IS NOT ABOUT RELIGION it is about CORRUPTION at Ourstage!

The core issue here is that any group on Ourstage was able to find enough corrupt and/or incompetent employees and management at Ourstage  to go along with them in their campaign to censor a long term, established, competitive band.  So regardless of your religious feelings or lack thereof, please understand that this is about corruption and dishonesty at Ourstage. It is not about religions.

This is our reward for building on the corrupt, unprofessional, shifting unstable sands of Ourstage!

Do you realize the precedent that this establishes where any group of people on Ourstage can organize and have anyone they don't like removed just by making frivolous complaints?  We have been building a network on Ourstage since 2007.  Here is a quick history in banners.


You can watch our videos from our main WinterBand page http://www.winterband.com

It is not hard to understand why the polytheistic false-christian community would wish to censor our songs, but finding enough corruption and incompetence in Ourstage employees for them to pull it off is astounding.

Here are the two emails from Ourstage regarding the matter. 

Email1 giving us notice of  our account cancellation and

Email2 confirming that they did it deliberately on behalf of some who were making "complaints".

Anyone who saw our page will know how outrageous this is considering some of the obscenity and profanity that appears on especially some of the "rap" music pages.  Ourstage is a secular environment so I would not expect them to hold a Christian standard.  We participated there as an outreach and did rather well.

There was nothing offensive on our page.  Anyone who viewed our page there will know what liars these malicious trash running Ourstage are.  (Does that sound angry, oh my....)  See for yourself what was on our page and prove to yourself what liars these Ourstage clowns are

Some have asked me to document what it was that Ourstage found offensive.  If there were really anything then they would have been able to be specific.  Remember Ourstage routinely allows their hip hop groups to have obscenity, profanity and abuse of woman on their fan pages.  Any of our friends or fans can confirm that there was nothing offensive on our page (except to false-christian cultists).

A search for WinterBand on Ourstage will prove how long and established we were there

This next one shows even more of our placements
http://www.ourstage.com/profile/winterband/banners  If that no longer works click here for banners.

Here is a link to show that we came in second in the Nov 2008 video finals

Here is a link to show that we had the most viewed Hard Rock Video in Nov 2008

Click Here for a page of some of our history of placements to prove how established we were on Ourstage

Anyway I hope you at least see that we were somewhat established.  Does your band have that many songs or that many accomplishments on Ourstage?   Do you think that you have any security at Ourstage?  What if your competition decides they don't like you?

I will admit that I am more than a little suspicious as how we suddenly dropped off in 2009 but I have no proof of anything, but this recent event makes me even more suspicious.

Ourstage censors WinterBand advertises on Anoox

When you know how dishonest Ourstage has been about our page after our previous accomplishments can you really trust their integrity about the voting?  Think about that!

Our page did have links to Bible sermons and Bible studies.  We had well over a hundred "friends" and "fans" on the site and had actually won the November 2008 Hard Rock Video and came in 2nd on the entire Video finals with our song "Grace 2008".  We had also "placed" in quite a few other contests that they simply did not give us credit for on our page.  The comments on our page were most all positive and friendly.

If you are on Ourstage please don't let the corrupt incompetent scum running Ourstage get away with this outrageous action without others being aware of it.

Also you should take notice that while they claim that you retain all rights to your music that you upload, you cannot remove your material if it even came anywhere close to winning anything.

I do not believe that Ourstage is being honestly advertised if a handful who don't like Biblical Christianity can have a band's site removed.

What can you do?  LET PEOPLE KNOW, especially let those who are putting hours of time month after month participating at Ourstage, building a presence and a network of friends and connections there, and trusting the people running things to be honest and impartial. 

Post the link to this page on Ourstage and on every blog about Ourstage.


Do you know anyone at any of the Ourstage partners : http://www.ourstage.com/about/partners

We received no warning whatsoever that anyone had complained about our page.  There was nothing offensive on our page and anyone who viewed it knows that.  Of course the false-christian bands are not going to like a band that sings about the truth and True Acts 2:38 Christianity!  This was probably brought about by a handful of false-christians organizing themselves to send frivolous complaints.  The staff at Ourstage was either too weak or corrupt or simply incompetent to not allow themselves to be manipulated, but there is no excuse for what they have done.

Can you really trust such a corrupt staff to be honest with voting?  Please just LET PEOPLE KNOW what they have done!!


Bro. Steve Winter

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