Links that prove that WinterBand was an established band on Ourstage
and some of our contest placements etc.

Please spread the word about

Some have gotten all whiny and said that I sound angry about this situation, well duh???

It is one thing for one group not to like another group.  It is also not at all surprising that the false-christian community would not like WinterBand and our material because of the Bible doctrines that do so embarrass and shame them.  We make no apologies for teaching the real doctrine of the Bible. BUT THIS IS NOT ABOUT RELIGION!

The core issue here is that any group on Ourstage was able to find enough corrupt and/or incompetent employees and management at Ourstage  to go along with them in their campaign to censor a long term, established, competitive band.  So regardless of your religious feelings or lack thereof, please understand that this is about corruption and dishonesty at Ourstage. It is not about religions.

Here is a link to show that we came in second in the Nov 2008 video finals

Here is a link to show that we had the most viewed Hard Rock Video in Nov 2008

Here are some more links just to prove how established we were on Ourstage

Here we have some of our entries in the Rock Video section.

(can you guess why the false-christians might be upset)

Here we have some of our entries in the Country (formerly named Roots)

Here are some from the pop category (I know, I know....)

(You might want to save screen shots in case they take the above pages down. I sure have.)

Anyway I hope you at least see that we were somewhat established.  Does your band have that many songs or that many accomplishments on Ourstage?   Do you think that you have any security at Ourstage?  What if your competition decides they don't like you?

I will admit that I am more than a little suspicious as how we suddenly dropped off in 2009 but I have no proof of anything, but this recent event makes me even more suspicious.

When you know how dishonest Ourstage has been about our page after our previous accomplishments can you really trust their integrity about the voting?  Think about that!

What can you do?  LET PEOPLE KNOW, especially let those who are putting hours of time month after month participating at Ourstage, building a presence and a network of friends and connections there, and trusting the people running things to be honest and impartial. 

Post the link to this site on Ourstage and on every blog about Ourstage.

Do you know anyone at any of the Ourstage partners :

We received no warning whatsoever that anyone had complained about our page.  There was nothing offensive on our page and anyone who viewed it knows that.  Of course the false-christian bands are not going to like a band that sings about the truth and True Acts 2:38 Christianity!  This was probably brought about by a handful of false-christians organizing themselves to send frivolous complaints.  The staff at Ourstage was either too weak or corrupt or simply incompetent to not allow themselves to be manipulated, but there is no excuse for what they have done.

Can you really trust such a corrupt staff to be honest with voting?  Please just LET PEOPLE KNOW what they have done!!

Bro. Steve Winter

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